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Your Project Information Form

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Now that you are prepared, give us the details:
1. Tell us the reason for this very special gift (our team will incorporate it in the invitation).
2. Include a message to the gift recipient and upload a photo to be used on your digital invite. (This will also be the first card in the box.)
When you have completed steps 1 and 2 and submitted this form, you will immediately receive a link to share your contributor names & email addresses. You will add them one at a time at your own pace, or simply email your complete list of contributors (.xls or .csv data file) that includes a first name, last name, and email address to
Once our team has received your information, we will design a custom invite and share it with you and your contributors. Feel free to re-use it to add more photos & messages - we know it's hard to choose just one!

This is the status text that will explain to the user either error messages or success messages.



Great - just one more step!

Please share the names & email addresses of those

who will be invited to contribute to your Keeping Box.

When you submit your contributors below, our Keeping Box team

will prepare a fabulous, digital invitation to your project.

You and your friends & family will be invited to upload a photo & message, and you will receive a private link to share the invitation with anyone not included on your original list.

Let the joy begin!

Contributor Successfully Added

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You may add your contributor names & emails below (one by one)

Invite A Contributor


Upload a list of your contributors below in a data file

Upload a List

If uploading a list of names & email addresses, please upload a spreadsheet (.csv)


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