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Sara Sommers

Keeping Box Gift Recipient:

Sarah Sommers

Well, hello!

Thanks for being a part of the surprise.

Let's get started.



1.  Include your name and email below.

2. Add a personal message (... a memory, funny story, advice, quote, or anecdote - something from the heart) for the recipient.

3. Use the Upload Photo button to share a favorite photo - something that will make their day!

4. And the last step is to SUBMIT your form.

Check out some examples of photos & messages!

Detailed Instructions

1. Click +UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO (below) - you must include a photo to submit your note (if you do not have one with the gift recipient, share a group photo, or one a funny, sweet, or outrageous photo of yourself so you fill their box with joy.

2. You will be directed to your computer/device files to choose your photo.

3. Double click the photo you have chosen and it will attach to this form (the file name will be listed beneath the Upload button when complete).

4. SUBMIT FORM and look for an immediate confirmation and a follow-up email.

Must include a photo (.jpg or .png) Max File Size 15MB

We will take it from there! 

Our Keeping Box team will gather the sentiments and photos, 

print them on deluxe paperboard, 

and nest the cards in a beautiful Keeping Box.

We curate joy!

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